Tattoo #7

Another trip of course means another tattoo and while in Chisinau, I had access to an amazing shop. This meant it was time for *the* tattoo. If you’ve read the ‘previous travels’ section on here and you know me well then you know that cherry blossoms mean a lot to me.


Put in simple terms, in China cherry blossoms symbolize feminine power and independance especially with love and sexuality. In Japan it shows the fragility of life and importance of valuing the time and moments that you have. Live life to the fullest, hold onto what matters and let go of what doesn’t. These are principles that I have struggled with in the past and now hold very dear to me. I control my body, my life and my emotions, it’s important to remember that in tough times.


So it was time to get some blooming cherry blossoms on my skin forever. I went to Mad Art Tattoo Workshop, my artist was Boris and artist really is the right term. I came in with a simple picture and description of what I wanted and with 10 minutes on the computer he had created a watercolour, life filled, mini masterpiece. He really did honour the importance of what I was getting, while developing it with style and finesse.



He drew up the stencil, placed it and prepared the set-up. This gave me time to admire the store’s edgy style of endless skulls and artwork everywhere. I particularly loved their custom equipment. He took his time making everything perfect, exactly what you’d hope for in hygiene and care. I got up on the table and it was time to begin.



I have a high pain tolerance and love the feeling of earning my tattoo, so I wasn’t nervous at all. At this time it was my seventh tattoo and I had two larger pieces on my calf and forearm. This felt like adding to the collection, having tattoos from round the world were like passport stamps on my body.



The process was what I was expecting, uncomfortable positions and vibrating scratches on my skin. But my artist worked very hard, was very kind and checked in on me frequently. Each time he added another colour and wiped away the excess, it looked like another splash of paint added to me. The moments hitting the bone areas hurt more than others but sometimes you’ve got to take pain for art.


The whole thing lasted about 3 hours and was throbbing quite a bit by the end of it. But with the final piece complete, I couldn’t hide my excitement! It was beautiful, everything I had hoped for and definitely worth the trip. Now obviously the climax to this blog post is the final product but I’m the idiot who forgets to take pictures before getting wrapped up. So here’s a half finished shot to give you an idea.


I was already so thankful to Boris and Mad Art for the experience but then they made it even better. As a gesture for travelling so far to come to their studio they gave me many gifts. I received several keyrings, a stone bracelet and one of the skulls I had been admiring. So overall it was a perfect tattoo experience and I recommend them so much!


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