Axe Throwing in Bucharest

I am often the instigator of activities because when I’m excited about something, then I’m pretty vocal about it. This time was axe throwing, literally just a place where you go to some lanes and throw axes, knives and ninja stars. From the second I read about it, I knew me and those axes needed to be united for some old fashion aggressive throwing. Whenever I told anyone about it their emotions went through the process of apprehension, confusion and overwhelming enthusiasm. So when the time came, I invited some people and we set off to our unique activity.


There was 5 of us so we hired out 2 lanes but got all 3 since no one else was there. We got given the safety instructions which summarized to “don’t hit anyone with an axe” and were given free reign. Now it’s not as easy as you’d think, the first throw of pure aggression led to a lot of loud crashes and a wild axe bouncing off of every surface. With a tight grip and solid windup you needed to get the perfect balance of spin, accuracy and strength. But when you got it right and the axe became solidly wedged into the target, the satisfaction was excellent.

It was both exhausting and therapeutic anger management, plus it led to lots of laughter and applause. If you ever need to let off some steam then I can recommend throwing axes at wood! After somewhat mastering our throws, we moved onto knives and ninja stars. What I learnt quickly was ninja stars are easy and knives are unbelievably difficult. It gave us all some new found respect for the people that throw knives at people to catch in their mouths. Out of our whole group, only one shot was successful, so for the sake of our confidence and bragging rights, we switched back to axes.


The guys enjoyed a good man-off to see who could get the most points and it was pretty enjoyable watching. Plus the flying testosterone led to one of the guys getting the perfect 5 bullseyes in a row! Once we were adrenaline high and worn out, we went for well deserved food to celebrate our weird and wonderful time together.


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