Exploring Bucharest

I decided to go on my kind of adventure where I put in headphones and just walk until I see enough beautiful things or my feet give in, unfortunately the former is impossible so it’s always the latter. But regardless of what brings it to an end, I always enjoy myself. It was raining uncontrollably but that wasn’t going to stop me in my quest for city gems. (Including this fine statue.)


The main thing I noticed about Bucharest is that the architecture is stunning. Everything from museums, to monument buildings are beautifully designed and exquisitely executed. Wandering around Old Town turned into ‘spot the pretty building’ very quickly. With Daughter playing (always a good playlist choice when you’re loving being lost) I strolled for much longer than I realised, stopping off in every art gallery I could find.


I came across Piata Obor, which is essentially your classic food market, with a few extra goodies. Luckily it was all inside or shaded so I was able to take my time investigating what was on offer. There was everything from aromatic spices to shiny candy and meat cuts to cheeses. I sampled different stalls and settled on tagliatelle, fresh tomatoes and some feta cheese, everything needed for a cheap but delicious dinner.



There were two things that struck me as slightly different about this particular market. Firstly that despite it being a somewhat run down building, there were many religious paintings, figures and imagery dotted around. If only my Romanian was strong enough to ask about it. Secondly there were a number of mini pet stalls. Not just places that sold pet food and toys, but you could get a range of actual pets. Unfortunately it wasn’t a happy free range style, it was more of a ‘how many birds can I squeeze in one cage’ type deal, but it oddly and sadly seemed like the norm. I did feel a twinge of temptation to open the cages and scream “be free!” But I also didn’t have to the urge to be tackled by angry Romanian men.



I explored for a couple more hours and after some delicious sushi, I headed back to the hostel. Both with aching feet and a satisfied adventurous smile. Despite having seen so much, I took great pleasure in the fact that I hadn’t even scratched the surface of the city…. yet.

2 thoughts on “Exploring Bucharest”

  1. Bucharest does have nice architecture, for sure. I liked how you went to the Obor market and your impressions of it. I always say there’s no better way to “take the pulse” of a city than visiting a local market.


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