Natura Festival in Romania

Out of the blue a staff member at Podstel, where I was staying, invited me to something called Natura Fest. Being a committed festival girl, regardless of the genre or theme, there was really only one answer. I set out with 3 of the staff and we met with 2 of their friends, making us a world spread group of 4 girls and 2 guys. On our way to the park I got to see the stunning structure that was the Palace of Parliament, that’s almost 300ft in height.


We arrived at the festival and it was adorably tiny, not the thousands of people I was used to. As the name suggests, it was all flowers and natural themes. We grabbed our drinks and walked straight up to the barrier, something you couldn’t dream of at a large festival such as Sziget. We listened to a famous Romanian band called Les Elephants Bizarres and not only were they such fun music, but they also had some songs in English. But even the ones that got lost in translation were perfect for chilled dancing in the park. (However one we are convinced translated to the singer’s love of couscous.)


Half way through the set, the rain decided the music was so good that it wanted to be a part of the show. This led to the skies opening up, taking over the sunset and flooding the air with soaking weather. However this wasn’t our first rodeo so we just danced harder, sung louder and laughed at us stood under the darkened sky as the dripping wet messes that we were. Now don’t be thinking this was a light drizzle, because this was a storm of soaked through shoes and clothes that clung to our skin. We may as well have gone for a swim fully dressed and we may have stayed drier.

With neon lights darting through the falling water and beats echoing from speakers through our chests, we lived and became the festival atmosphere. Unfortunately our time had to come to an end and we ran for shelter in a metro station. Instead of letting the night die, we hopped on a train straight to Old Town to see the quiet daytime streets come alive. There were endless dancers, DJs and football watchers lining the streets, all with people enticing us inside. We enjoyed the bars and clubs, dancing ourselves dry and happy. Our night came to an end with music still echoing in our ears and our hearts as we wandered home to bed.


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