Road Trips, Caves and Waterfalls

I met some girls who were hiring a car and going on a nature road trip and invited me along. So 8 of us crushed into a car definitely not designed for so many and began our adventure. It was a 2.5 hour drive so we were in for a while, the time was spent chatting, laughing and generally spotting all pretty things around us. The views were incredible dense greenery and the Balkan Mountains, all getting us in the mood to see what nature had to offer. We stopped off for the classic on-the-road snackage in the small town of Lovech and returned to our journey. Eventually we reached the site for Krushuna Waterfalls, after hiking up a hill and stairs we had reached our destination.


The waterfall was truly stunning, somehow powerful and peaceful all at once. Crashing down, filling the forest with noise and cancelling out all other sounds. We had hoped for a swim but despite the 30 degree heat, the water was freezing, so we just dipped our toes in. First we went exploring, climbing to the top and experimenting with different directions to see where we came out. Then it was time to just soak in the scene, sat on the edge of the old rickety wooden bridge at the base of the main area. Swinging my feet, head rested on the railings and staring into the waterfall, I was entirely serene and loving life.


Once finished at the waterfall, we moved onto the next part of our journey; the Devetashka Cave. It was only a 30 minute drive away and upon arriving there we walked the distance across the bridge to find it. All I can say was that it was magnificent and somewhat incomprehensible. At 2442 metres long and 58 metres high it’s the largest cave chamber in Bulgaria and to even understand the scale you needed the people inside looking like ants. The large 7 holes above us known as Okna let light come piercing through the darkness of the cave and appeared to make areas glow. We explored further into the pitch black (past the barriers I must admit) and found just such natural wonders. The high pitch screech of bats echoed throughout the walls and had my excitement spiking. I love bats with a passion and was lucky enough to see many.




Finally it was time for the return section of our road trip and I was upfront as navigator. I surfed my fingertips through the racing air out the open window and played music to keep us all going. We were blessed with a stunning warm sunset that lit up our scenery in all different ways from before. The perfect ending to a day of nature.


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