Taking Time To Breathe

With the sun shining like there would be no night, I knew it had to be a summer celebration day. So in the sweltering heat I strolled through the park with an ice cream and lemon water. The band stand had live music swinging through the trees, children ran full steam around the park and old men played chess intently. I took the time to slow down with the exciting plans and just sit on the grass, taking in my surroundings and reading a good book. It was such a beautiful and peaceful afternoon.



Then when I began to involuntarily bake, it was time to get moving. I went on the hunt for city highlights and first found the Victor monument. He stood tall and proud next to the glistening Danube river and as a welcomer to the Belgrade Fortress. The fortress was built as a defensive structure and so the site featured large weaponry such as missiles and tanks. I walked the streets of the Bohemian Quarter and picked up a few presents, then followed that up with mindless wandering until I had no clue where I was. This led me to a beautiful art gallery where it appeared like the usual still life but really the scene was in the reflections of the objects. It was beautiful and a real secret gem.




I indulged in an ice coffee at a local cafe and people watched for a while. I’ve noticed a lot more people are chatting and smiling when the sun is out. Plus there were some street performers working all they had in such strong heat. So although an uneventful day not jam packed with adrenaline and adventure like normal, it was refreshing to just relax and enjoy the simple parts of life.

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