Safely In Sarajevo

This journey was a new one for me as it would be a shuttle ride. I imagined some sort of bus but it was pretty much just a guy rocking up in his car and road tripping us where we had to go. The two other passengers were locals, one a little girl and the other her grandmother. The guy’s driving was mad and the young girl squealed with delight anytime we hit a bump, while the old woman tutted each time. She was however a sweetheart and in true grandma fashion, she fed me the whole way.

It was a 5 hour journey that went by very quickly and only required one stop. After easily passing through passport control, we were in Bosnia. The scenery was magnificently mountainous, all lush and green, reaching for the sky. During the drive, the young girl wanted to practise her English with me so we exchanged names (her name was Mariya), I was asked how many numbers I was and then she named animals and made their matching noises. However I’m not sure if it was a mistake or if Serbian birds rawr.

We did some colouring together and I don’t mean to brag, but I totally stayed inside the lines in the princess picture. We had the exciting moment of cows crossing in front of us where Mariya had to be practically restrained from going to play with them. Then finally we arrived and despite the rain, Sarajevo was a beautiful place. Already upon entering I had seen cathedrals and galleries and restaurants, all in a row. Despite this once, not so long ago, being such a dangerous place, it now looked like my kind of paradise.

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