A Day Of Wishes And Legends

During my final day in Sarajevo, I went exploring to see the heart of the city. I saw beautiful cathedrals, statues and art galleries, really taking my time to feel the atmosphere of these places. Then I went to Sebilj fountain in the middle of Baščaršija square. The legend is that if a traveller drinks from the fountain then they are destined to return to the city someday. So I filled my water bottle, took a sip and wished to come back to Sarajevo.



For Ramadan, the end of fasting each day is signalled and celebrated at the Yellow Bastion. We were told that the festivities weren’t to be missed so our evening plans were set. We hiked up the steepest of cobblestone hills, past a sad but stunning all white graveyard, then reached the top. The view was breath taking, seeing the whole of Sarajevo stretched out in front of us, the sun setting in the distance. We gathered round with everyone, waiting anxiously, intrigued by what was going to happen. When it was time, a piercing cannon echoed out across the city and lights lit up around us, then the chanting began. The whole experience seemed very communal and filled with togetherness. Everyone enjoyed some food and we left them to the rest of their ceremonies.

For my last evening there we had to continue our night. We returned to the Goldfish bar and a steampunk style waiter in a top hat served us cocktails for the rest of the night while the rain poured down outside. We made a wish on the fish of gold and headed back to our hostel for a new day.



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