Arriving In Paradise

I’d picked up a fellow traveller that wanted to go the same way, so we agreed to travel together to Kotor in Montenegro. First we got a bus to Mostar which only lasted 2 and a half hours and had spectacular views. From there we joined another guy and got a shuttle for 4 hours, which was a breeze in comparison to the 9 hour bus option.


We piled into the tiny car and began our journey, which despite the heat, was lovely. We were spoiled with rocky and luscious green mountains, glistening lakes and rushing rivers that joined us for the ride. Both Bosnia and Montenegro had the most awe inspiring landscapes that made a road trip worth it. We got to stop off and explore a tiny town where our unrecognised faces were stared at like we were aliens. But we got some lovely lunch with milkshakes and hit the road again.

When we finally reached our destination of Montenegro 4U hostel, we were practically in shock. We were right on top of a stunning beach, where the water shimmered in the blazing sun and the background was lined with mountains. We were met with a hug, high five and shot of rakia; a truly warm welcome. We had the option of everything from renting paddle boards, kayaks and boats to treehouse parties and bar crawls. Pretty sure we got dropped off in paradise.



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