Sailing The Islands

When one is offered a ride on a boat, there only truly is one answer. So with the water shimmering right on our doorstep, we got a “water taxi” and set out on an aqua road trip. Sailing along at high speeds, our hair whipped around wildly and the water sprayed against our faces. The sunshine was beating down and lighting up our seaside adventure. Both with adrenaline and peace at high levels, we relaxed with cocktails and took in the beautiful weather.
We whizzed up alongside 2 tiny islands; one man-made, one natural. With almost no one around we climbed onto the land and did a few loops, admiring the architecture and landscapes as we went. It was totally serene and away from the madness and bustle of people. So we took time to chill there in the sun and then returned to our ride for more excitement and joy.


We sailed around longer, giggling and basking in the bumps and the splashes. Until we reached the small island of Parast. We were given plenty of time to wander round and see what the town had to offer. It was the perfect quaint seaside location where you could sit at a beautiful restaurant and just watch the water glenty lap against the sand; again I must say, it felt like paradise. We of course indulged in some ice cream as we wandered the summery grounds, then looped around and headed back to our boat.


We sailed out into the ocean where no one was around, the waves elegantly crashed against us showing both power and gentleness as we glided by. We took a swim break and unfortunately due to a fresh tattoo and newly dyed hair, I couldn’t participate. But there was plenty of laughter, fun and splashing all round and it was a lovely way to end the trip. We cruised our way back to our original beach and sat in the sun with picnic food, tans and a day of good memories.





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