A Family Of Travellers

With the sun shimmering across the landscape, a group of new traveller friends and I decided on a committed beach day. In swimsuits and flip flops we wandered through Budva to the coast, we chose our location of a double beach connected by a cave with a rickety wooden bridge. Unfortunately the idyllic location also consisted of fiery shards of tiny rocks instead of sand. But with the view so grand and the water so beautiful, we pushed through the lapping waves to find the perfect cliff shaded spot.


We set up with fluffy towels and a picnic of every sunny day snackage you could hope for. The day was spent sunbathing, cliff diving, swimming and swapping amazing tales of travel. I have a game where I just say to people I meet “tell me a story” with no other prompt and I promise it has the most hilarious, fascinating and wild results. It was the perfect day of tans and relaxation.



For the evening, the 8 of us had a family dinner style get together. We went over to the airbnb apartment a couple of the girls got and indulged in glasses of wine while the guys cooked for us. It became a divine spread of risotto, chicken and tomato feta salad. We dined in excess and chatted the night away, again sharing the wonderful and mad lives we had all lived. The group was entirely different ages, genders, backgrounds and therefore experiences, so conversation never ended. At the end of the night some of us walked back to our hostel, taking in the night time delights of the city and had a very deep sleep.

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